Students Simulate Parent-Teacher Conferences in World History I

19 Jan

Grade 9 students conference with one another

On January 17th and 18th, 9th grade students simulated parent-teacher conferences and engaged in authentic professional dialogue as part of their quarter 1 project.  After studying several ancient civilizations, students created a report card for two civilizations based on RECIPES.  RECIPES is an acronym and refers to the seven attributes of civilizations that students study in world history.

After preparing their RECIPES report cards, students brought them in and participated in the simulated parent-teacher conferences.  Each student participated in three separate conferences, once as a teacher, once as a parent, and once as a principal.  As teachers, they had to explain the grades and the rationale behind the grade.  As parents, they asked questions about the categories and their civilization’s successes and areas of improvement.  As principals, students took notes, served as moderators and rated the overall conference.  This was a highly successful activity that engaged students in critical thought about all they had studied during the first semester.

One group discusses the report card intensely

A teacher explains the grades

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