Teacher Learning Communities

27 Jan

Ms. Homan, Ms. Saleh and Ms. Adams working together

As teaching professionals, we are committed to constantly improving our craft. Our goal is to ensure that our students receive the best possible education. To make certain that we use best teaching practices and stay current with developments in education theory, all of our teachers participate in various Teacher Learning Communities.     

Common Planning Teams:         Our core teachers who share teaching assignments meet once in each A/B day rotation to align course instruction and assessments.  They plan learning activities, design common assessments, compare student performance, align their assessment practices, and reflect upon their teaching practice.  Common planning teams ensure that students a fair and equal educational experience in all of their courses. 

Departments:                            We have nine departments in the Middle School and High School that meet monthly to discuss Best Practices and to work on vertical articulation of the curriculum.  Departments also work together on professional development days on various school initiatives. 

Professional Development Streams:                  As part of their professional goals each year, teachers opt to work with a group of colleagues to seek information and develop their practices on a topic of their choosing.  This year, we have teachers researching technology, differentiation, and artistic expression, among other things.  Teachers may also choose to work together in a peer coaching scenario where they observe each other and reflect upon their practice.  All teachers new to ASK, participate in our Learning Colleagues stream which is a monthly meeting designed to discuss and reflect upon the important curricular initiatives at ASK. 

On Monday, January 31, teachers will be working together to reflect upon student progress, plan units for second semester, and discuss trends in education and their relevance to ASK.