Report Cards Spark Reflection

6 Feb

Report Card Distribution:  February 6

Report cards were distributed Sunday, February 6.  On the report card, you will see quarter 1 grades, quarter 2 grades, the exam grade and the semester average.  Two report cards were sent home, one copy for you to keep and one to return to school with a parent signature.  Please return signed report cards to A1 teachers as soon as possible and no later than Thursday, February 10.

This is a great time to reflect and improve.  Semester 2 has just begun and there is plenty of room to make improvements and gain greater understanding in the second semester.  We encourage all students to set goals and reflect on what they learned in the first semester.

Grade 9 Reflection and Information Meetings

Mrs. Waudby, the assistant principal, and Ms. Abdul Ghafoor, the grade 9/10 counselor will be meeting with all 9th grade students in small groups beginning on Tuesday, February 8.  The purpose of the meetings is to personalize the high school experience for students.  We will discuss transcripts, credits, and students’ feelings and thoughts about school.  Every student completed a semester reflection sheet through his/her English class, and we will use this as a basis for discussion.  We look forward to meeting with each student individually and hope to meet with all students by early March.

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