Awareness Week: February 20-24

19 Feb

This week, ASK celebrates Awareness Week and National/Liberation Day and we have a many activities planned.  Each day features a themed dress event and lunchtime activities.  The week will culminate in a celebration of National/Liberation Day.  We will have a 1/2 day of classes and a 1/2 day of events beginning with an assembly to celebrate Kuwait culture and history.  The afternoon will feature food of Kuwait, booths, and a treasure hunt designed by the company K-LUE.  During the week, the senior class will be celebrating Kuwait cookies for KD 1 that will be delivered on Thursday morning.

Below are the details of the week.

Sunday StuCo
(Road Safety)
Tuesday SusCom (Reduce)
Schedule Type Normal Normal Normal
Themed Dress StuCo: Road Safety NHS: 5 Areas of Health SusCom: Reduce

Students must wear:

Wear one of the following colors in support of road safety: 

Green, Yellow, Red (like a stoplight)

*Students may wear jeans or sweatpants if they are in theme colors

Wear one of the following colors in support of awareness about one of the following issues: 

Green—substance abuse

White—lung cancer

Blue—eating disorders

Gray—diabetes and asthma


*Students may wear sweatpants or jeans

Green top and jeans or other normally approved bottoms 

*No sweatpants

Lunchtime Activity Drive Through Bake Sale: Healthy vs. Unhealthy goodies (secretly take stats) NHS distributing healthy snacks at lunch—we’re thinking vegetables and dip, fruit salad, yogurt, water, juice, etc. 


  • Organic/Local goods/Sustainable bake sale
  • Awareness activities on stage (can smashing contest and trivia contest)
  • Selling of other SusCom paraphernalia if available (stickers)
  • Students may be working to spread awareness on some of their individual action plans regarding sustainable practices


Additional Activities
  • StuCo is going to post signs with road safety suggestions
  • Kuwaiti Cookie Sales- Seniors


NHS students will be making color-coordinated posters with health-related facts and putting them up Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. 

  • Kuwaiti Cookie Sales- Seniors


  • Kuwaiti Cookie Sales- Seniors


StuCo (Obesity)
Schedule Type Normal ½ Day Classes 

½ Day Events

Themed Dress StuCo: Obesity SENIORS: National/Liberation Day

Students must wear:

Wear athletic wear to support awareness of obesity: 


-Jerseys/team affiliated shirts

-Shirts with sports logo



-Workout pants


*No jeans

Wear Kuwait National Dress or colors (black/red/white/green) in support of Kuwait National/Liberation Day. 

*Students may wear sweatpants or jeans


Lunchtime Activity
  • Announcement: Stats about our healthy vs. unhealthy snack sales
  • Push-up Contest Hosted by Mr. Ashraf in Courtyard (2 students per grade- how many push-ups in 1 minute)
  • Assembly
  • Kuwait food rooms
  • Kuwait Culture Booths
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Samra
Additional Activities
  • StuCo is going to post signs with facts about obesity


  • 11:15-12:15 Assembly- Kuwait Cultural Experience
  • 12:15-2:00 Kuwait Dining /Activities
  • Kuwaiti Cookie Deliveries


Theme dress general rules:

–       No shorts

–       No bared shoulders

–       Dresses/skirts must fall to mid-knee

–       Must be modest and appropriate

–       If you are not dressed in theme, you must be in dress code!!

Announcements from the Senior Class:

National Liberation Cookies :

The Senior Class will be selling National Liberation Day cookies for KD1 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at break and lunch.  Say Happy 20/50 to a friend.  Cookies will be delivered on Thursday morning.

National Day Treasure Hunt :

Want to participate in a fun National Day Treasure Hunt.  The Kuwait company K-LUE is designing an ASK specific treasure hunt for us to participate in on our National Day Celebration.  The cost is KD 3 per person and you must sign up in teams of 3.  Tickets will be sold at break and lunch.  Seniors may participate free of charge.  Sign up TODAY!

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