3rd Quarter Overview

7 Apr

We have had a rigorous and challenging 3rd quarter and students have performed wonderfully.  In World History II classes, students created WWI videos on subjects related to the war, such as peace treaties and advanced weaponry.  These were screened in class this week and the best ones will be selected for viewing at International Day.  Mr. Kelsey’s World History I classes participated in a mock demonstration of medieval feudalism using candy bars as wealth.  The peasants had to give most of their candy to the knights, nobles and king, demonstrating the taxation structure of the day.  Students enjoyed the lesson and got a taste of what inequities existed in feudal Europe. 

In Honors English 9, students acted as directors, actors and scriptwriters as they videotaped scenes from Romeo & Juliet.  They are continuing their Shakespeare studies in literature circles, and will present this information at International Day.  English 11 students did a great job on their formal research papers, and their presentations of their research were truly outstanding.

AP Biology students are designing a hypothetical animal research study, a great authentic assessment to model what biologists do.  AP Statistics students are designing a booth for International Day representing the student diversity at ASK.  Students in Music Appreciation are studying how Romantic Composers created music out of poems and stories. 

Our teachers are committed to providing students a world-class education and our students are engaged in authentic learning on a daily basis. 

Our new tardy policy has had excellent results and our students are attending school on time.  We expect this success to continue throughout the school year and beyond.

Our sports teams have done well in their local and international competitions and ASK continues to place first.  Our Forensics and Debate Team just returned from Greece where they placed first in original oratory and our JV Academic Games placed first in their KSAA competition. 

We have one last quarter left and this will be filled with more academic content, AP Exams, Awards Ceremonies, and other activities.  Look for Our Town, the high school spring play at the end of April.  This is a serious work that speaks to our connectedness to one another.

Please look at the side bar for important dates for the remainder of the 2010-2011 school year. 

Spring Break begins today.  We hope everyone enjoys a relaxing holiday before launching into the last quarter of the year.  School will resume on Sunday, April 17, 2011.

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