HS Spring Drama: Our Town by Thornton Wilder

18 Apr

When: April 27 and 28 at 6:00pm, April 29 at 1:00pm

Tickets: available at business office for 1.5 KD, 2KD at the door

The simplest way to say what Our Town is about is to say that it’s about us. It’s about the joy, suffering, beauty, heartbreak, ambitions and worries as common to modern society now as they were almost a century ago, the time period portrayed in this play. The play shows life in a small town in the early 1900s—exploring the way individuals struggle to find their places in families and communities.

The play provides a new level of challenge for ASK’s high school cast as the script demands simplicity. Without set and without props, actors not only create realistic characters, but create a sense of the world they exist in.

The cast is stepping up to this challenge and are really creating some beautiful funny and ,touching theatre in what the New York Times described as “a hauntingly beautiful play.” Audiences should note that this full length play is about 2 hours in length (including intermission), and that latecomers may not be seated until intermission. Due to the length and the serious content, we recommend it for mature audiences, please.

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked up into the night sky and felt the beauty of a full moon glow in your heart, or pondered the mysteries of the enormous universe we live in, or looked into someone’s eyes and felt like they really saw you, then you need to see this play.

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