International Day Student Fair

27 Apr

The middle school and high school international days have been extremely successful.  One portion of this event was the student generated booths based on curricular events in the classroom.  Students and teachers have worked hard to put together educational booths about various world events.  These are on display in the auditorium and represent a range of disciplines and topics.

  • World History II classes created WWI films based on actual events of WWI.  Their booth has these student created videos on display as well as information about WWI.
  • Honors English 9 classes created a booth about Shakespeare and drama throughout history.  They also filmed their own versions of Romeo and Juliet, which are available for students to view. 
  • The Spanish classes created Wikis about different Spanish speaking countries around the world. 
  • French classes created a large poster display of information representing the countries of our French speaking students.
  • AP Statistics, along with STUCO, created a booth about our diverse student population at ASK.
  • NHS and NJHS created an Awareness Booth about the recent tsunami in Japan. 
  • Grade 7 Science classes created an International Food booth and have on display information about food production and genetically modified food throughout the world.
  • Grade 6 Language Arts classes created a display about Greek Mythology. 
  • Middle School PE classes created a booth about the diversity of cultures competing in sport throughout our region.

We are so proud of all of our teachers and students who have worked hard to learn about these various topics and areas of study.  This is what authentic, performance-based learning is all about, and this represents who ASK is as a school.

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