Class of 2011: Senior Award Recipients

6 Jun

Please join us in congratulating the following seniors for their outstanding achievement in high school.

Awarded to the student with the highest cumulative GPA.
Emily Simon

Awarded to the student with the second highest cumulative GPA.
Cole Meisenhelder

Senior Democracy Award
Awarded to the senior student who contributes most to the internal setting at the American School ofKuwait.  The recipient is one who mixes well with students of all nationalities and demonstrates maturity and “world mindedness.”
Ali AlZaabi

Senior International Award
Awarded each year to a student who is a good representative of his/her country, with a positive attitude toward the life and culture of others, able to converse in at least two languages, a contributing force in the life of the school, with the ability to bring differing people together into a sense of community, thus furthering the cause of international understanding.
Ishani Majumdar

Senior Citizenship Award
Awarded each year to a senior student who accepts and fulfills the role of a responsible and conscientious student, and who demonstrates superior maturity, good citizenship and an attitude that will lead to continued success and achievement.
Cole Meisenhelder

Senior Award for Excellence
Awarded to an outstanding senior student.  The student must excel academically, but consideration also is given to character, personality, service to the school, and overall excellence.
Basil Bastaki

Distinguished Scholars
Awarded to the top 5 ranking seniors based on GPA.

  1. Emily Simon
  2. Cole Meisenhelder
  3. Basil Bastaki
  4. Galang Ramadhan
  5. Ahmed Aly

Presidential Awards: Gold
Awarded to students with a 3.7 cumulative GPA and a 1200+ SAT Score in Math and Critical Reading combined.

  1. Emily Simon
  2. Basil Bastaki
  3. Cole Meisenhelder
  4. Ahmed Aly
  5. Galang Ramadhan
  6. Kelsey Kelsch
  7. Noor Boodai
  8. Erum Khan
  9. Nicholas Anderson
  10. Faisal AlFadli
  11. Ramy Zuilficar
  12. Ishani Majumdar
  13. Maha Ali
  14. Muhammad Azhar
  15. Nourin Alsharif
  16. Yasmin Hussain

Presidential Awards: Silver
Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above.

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Bader
  2. Basel Emran
  3. Talah AlGhusain
  4. Nada Abu Emarah
  5. Khalid Alturki
  6. Omar Dimachkie
  7. Dina Al-Awadhi
  8. Shareef Sehgal
  9. Farah Alkandari
  10. Samer Naoum
  11. Latifa Al-Ghanim
  12. Ahmad Alkandari
  13. Ahmad AlAyar

ASK Scholars
Awarded to seniors with an overall cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher

  1. Emily Simon
  2. Cole Meisenhelder
  3. Basil Bastaki
  4. Galang Ramadhan
  5. Ahmed Aly
  6. Kelsey Kelsch
  7. Erum Khan
  8. Nicholas Anderson
  9. Faisal AlFadli
  10. Noor Boodai
  11. Muhammad Azhar
  12. Ishani Majumdar
  13. Maha Ali
  14. Abdulrazzaq Al-Bader
  15. Ramy Zulficar
  16. Nada Abu Emarah
  17. Talah AlGhusain
  18. Basel Emran
  19. Nourin Alsharif
  20. Yasmin Hussain
  21. Dina Al-Awadhi
  22. Khalid Alturki
  23. Farah Alkandari
  24. Shareef Sehgal
  25. Samer Naoum
  26. Omar Dimachkie
  27. Lateefah AlGhanim
  28. Ahmad Alkandari
  29. Shawn Turja
  30. Ahmad AlAyar
  31. Mate Vakarcs
  32. Barbora Jumrova
  33. Arjun Mahrishi
  34. Rania Ezzo
  35. Ziad Sultan
  36. Fay AlMukaimi

 Senior High Honor Roll 2011
Awarded to seniors with a GPA of 3.7 or above for 3 of 4 quarters of their senior year.

  1. Abdulrazzaq Al-Bader
  2. Ahmed Aly
  3. Basel Emran
  4. Basil Bastaki
  5. Cole Meisenhelder
  6. Dina Al-Awadhi
  7. Emily Simon
  8. Erum Khan
  9. Faisal AlFadli
  10. Galang Ramadhan
  11. Ishani Majumdar
  12. Kelsey Kelsch
  13. Maha Ali
  14. Muhammad Azhar
  15. Nada Abu Emarah
  16. Nicholas Anderson
  17. Nourin Alsharif
  18. Ramy Zulficar
  19. Tala AlGhusain
  20. Yasmin Hussain
  21. Rona Tarazi
  22. Fay AlMukaimi
  23. Rania Ezzo
  24. Samer Naoum
  25. Arjun Mahrishi
  26. Bassam Al-Bassam
  27. Dalal AlZamanan
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