Important Changes to 2011-2012 Attendance and Tardy Policy

15 Jun

All parents should have received the below e-mail on Sunday, June 12.  Please take note of these important changes.  If you did not receive this e-mail and wish to read the attachment, please e-mail Mrs. Waudby, and she will send it to you. 

Subject:           Important Changes to ASK Attendance and Tardy Procedures

June 12, 2011

Dear Parents:

At ASK we consider attendance and punctuality to be key aspects of academic success.  Regular attendance and punctuality demonstrate commitment to school and to learning.  We continue to work to improve the attendance of all of our students here at ASK.  To that end, please note some important changes to our 2011-2012 Attendance and Tardy Policy.  The highlights are detailed below and we have attached the revised policy for your perusal. 

Important Changes to the Attendance Policy:

  1. Students will no longer be allowed to leave during the school day without parental supervision.  Parents must come to school to pick up or drop off their children during the school day.
  2. Parents will be required to attend a mandatory meeting if their child reaches Academic Probation (8 absences in any class). 
  3. Students on Academic Probation must attend all classes in order to complete work.  Students on Academic Probation who continue to miss class will not benefit from the regular make-up work policy.

*** Please read carefully the existing policies as well to ensure your child the best chances of academic success.   

Important Changes to the Tardy Policy:

We find excessive tardinesss throughout the school day to be an ongoing problem.  We consider tardiness highly disruptive to the classroom learning environment. 

  1. In addition to assigning 0 on all Bellwork and Bell Quizzes, teachers may use a number of strategies to ensure punctuality in their individual classrooms, including assigning a 0 on all homework due on that day, keeping students after class, or assigning lunch or after school academic detention (this is not an exhaustive list).
  2. Teachers will contact parents via telephone or e-mail if a student reaches 2-4 tardies in the classroom.
  3. If a student continues to come tardy, he/she will be referred to the office for the following consequences:
    1. Referral 1

                                            i.      Phone Call Home

                                            ii.      Academic Saturday School Detention Assigned

    1. Referral 2

                                              i.      Parent Meeting with Administration

                                             ii.      Academic Saturday School Detention Assigned

    1. Further Referrals

                                               i.      Continued Parent Meetings with Administration

                                               ii.      Increasingly severe consequences including suspension from school

 The changes to the Attendance and Tardy Policy will be distributed to students in September through the  2011-2012 Student Handbook.  It will also be available on the ASK Website.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  We hope you have a wonderful summer and we look forward to working with you and your children in the 2011-2012 academic year. 

Best Regards,

Becky Ness                                                                                         Tara Waudby
Principal                                                                                              Assistant Principal                                                
2266-4341 ext. 1133                                                          +965 2266-4341 ext. 1104

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