In the Classroom

3 Oct

Students on our  Philosophy classes took on the persona of a philosopher of their choice last week.  They dressed as the philosopher for the day and had to discuss their views around campus with students and teachers.  The project culminated in a presentation to the class about the views and beliefs of their chosen philosopher.  This was a great authentic research task and everyone enjoyed it.   Thank you Ms. Wilson. 

Students in Algebra I Daily used the ancient Chinese game of Tangrams to reinforce solving multi-step equations.  Students had to solve several equations and then match the correct answers to solve the puzzle.  This was great practice, great fun and students were motivated and felt successful.  Thank you Mr. Davies and Ms. Saleh.

English 9 students are currently writing original short stories, using the skills they learned in their recent short story unit.  In addition to the creative aspect of this writing assignment, students will have to analyze their own work for ten literary elements.  Students will read a portion of their short story in Reader’s Theater on Thursday.  Thank you Ms. Johnson, Mr. DeBaun, and Ms. Zaccaro.

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