Global Awareness Fair

22 Mar

Middle & High School Global Awareness Fair 2012

Next week, the Middle and High Schools will be celebrating Global Awareness Week and we have several exciting educational activities planned.  Please note that classes are in session all week, and that students will participate in the Global Awareness Activities through their classes or in assemblies. 

As part of the celebration, students will be invited to wear international dress throughout the week.  In addition, we are having our Yearbook Team photos taken on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and students will be allowed to wear their team jerseys for the photos on the day they are scheduled.  The dress code for each day is highlighted below:

Sunday, March 25th

  • Students who have a team/club picture scheduled for this day may wear their team/club shirt

Monday, March 26th

  • National Dress from your own country
  • Students who have a team/club picture scheduled for this day may wear their team/club shirt

Tuesday, March 27th

  • National Dress from another country (any country you like)
  • Students who have a team/club picture scheduled for this day may wear their team/club shirt

Wednesday, March 28th

  • National Dress from another heritage of your family tree

Thursday, March 29th

  • Free dress as per usual on the last Thursday of the month

Our Global Awareness Fair will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with exciting activities each day.  These are noted below: 

High School Opening Ceremony

Monday, March 26th, A-Day

We will have a reverse assembly schedule with an Opening Ceremony Assembly in the morning.  The High School is proud to welcome His Excellency Ambassador of the United States of America Matthew H. Tueller, who will address our students at the assembly.  We are also looking forward to a Parade of Flags and a presentation of the winners of the essay-writing contest. 

Global Awareness Booths in Auditorium

Monday March 26 (A) & Tuesday, March 27 (B)

All subject areas within our curriculum will be represented in a wonderful collection of displays in the auditorium.  Students and teachers have been working since the fall to create representations of work that we do in our school with a global theme.  Classes will run on a normal schedule and students will visit the booths during their Social Studies class.

Parent Fair and Closing Ceremony

Wednesday, March 28th, A-Day

Students will attend the parent fair during their English class for about 30 minutes to sample food, interact with cultural information, play games, listen to music and share in the riches of our international community as prepared by volunteers from our parent community.  There will be a short closing ceremony at the end of the day, which will highlight the diversity of our student body.  Thanks to all of our parents and students who have participated!

We are proud of our diverse student body and all the work that our students, parents and teachers have put forth in order to make our Global Awareness Fair a success.

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