Message for Parents of 11th Grade Regarding Senior Apparel

4 Jun

Dear Parents of Juniors,

This year the senior class at the American School of Kuwait acquired permission to design and wear several senior specific clothing items to celebrate their last year of high school. The designs for these clothing items were preapproved by the administration in order to ensure they were school appropriate and retained the spirit of ASK dress code, but these items were not purchased through the ASK business office. Instead, students purchased these items from a local clothing company which created customized designs for them. In order to support this student initiative, the senior faculty advisors facilitated these purchases by collecting student order forms and distributing student purchases. This project was met with great enthusiasm by many students in the class of 2012 who chose to take part in this option.

Next year’s seniors, your sons and daughters, have asked that they be given the same privilege, a request which has been granted.  As the senior advisors for the class of 2013, we will continue to support this student desire in the same way this year’s advisors did, by meeting with senior council representatives and the designer to develop clothing options, by collecting student order forms, and by distributing student purchases. Please note that participation in all senior activities, including the wearing of senior apparel, is optional. Students who want to purchase and wear approved senior clothing options on campus are free to do so, but students are under no obligation to participate.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ms. Kinnen and Ms. Wilson

Class of 2013 Senior Advisors and

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