Shakespeare Expert Visits ASK

11 Feb

By Fayssal Khayyat

Last week in the Drama department, I was lucky enough to be invited to view one of the greatest guest speakers ASK has hosted, Mr. Daniel Foley. Mr. Foley was invited by ASK this week to host a Shakespearean workshop for English and Drama students.

During the course of the day he had a mask making period; then the students created masks and mingled with their masks. Later on in the day he gave us a quick FYI session about Shakespeare, then finally a funny interactive Shakespearian lecture describing to us all that he knows about William Shakespeare.

Mr. Foley was an enthusiastic, funny, and very audience friendly speaker. He was a inspiration for the drama students, and especially for the cast of Macbeth.

For more information about Mr. Foley, please visit:

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