ASK Varsity Basketball

14 Feb

By Farid Shublaq

On Tuesday, February 13 our varsity basketball team played the biggest game of the year against our rivals The American International School. For two years we have been losing to AIS basketball. ASK played them earlier this year and beat them by twenty points. Even though we won, the KSAA season wasn’t over just then.

On Tuesday, in the first quarter of the basketball game, Fawaz started us off by scoring four three pointers in a row. Later on in the first quarter the guards began working it into the post players Florian and Farid who also began scoring points. The first quarter ended with ASK having a twenty-point lead on AIS. As we came into the second quarter of the game, our guards Devon and Vida began to attack the basketball rim and because of this it resulted in ASK scoring an extra ten points. Yousef Tarazi came into the game and scored many points on fast breaks, almost dunking on one of them.

Towards the third and fourth quarter ASK had a very comfortable lead on AIS. As the game continued, they increased the lead to forty-eight points a record high in ASK’s history against AIS.

Go Falcons!

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