Varsity Basketball at ASK

14 Mar

ASK Varsity Boys
By Yousef Al Othman

The Varsity Basketball season is almost at an end. The team has been practicing since November 2012. Coach Cameron’s intense training led to the team winning the KSAA Finals. ASK beat UAS in the finals 55-45; they played at AIS’s basketball court. They began the season in December, and they have won all of their games since then. Their first matches were friendly’s against all other schools in small tournaments which began their winning streak.

Their next goal is to win the ISAC tournament. The tournament is currently being held in Qatar. The Qatar Academy is hosting all of the schools in the tournament.

The team was very excited to travel and I sat down with one of the players and interviewed him. I asked a couple questions of Moeen, one of the players.

Q: What are you excited about mostly?

Moeen: “This trip which is going to be the last ISAC I will ever participate in.”

Q: How is our team compared to last year’s team?

Moeen: “I think it is a much stronger team, since we have new additions to the team, Vida is definetly a huge hit, and all the other players have matured.”

Good luck to the basketball team and we hope you bring the ISAC tournament back.

ASK Girls Varsity Basketball
By Tamara Bastaki

They shoot. They score. They dominate. The varsity basketball falconesses are on fire this season with an undefeated slate and a championship coming soon. Yesterday, the girls defeated AAG during the semifinals with a score of 29-9. The team finished off their season March 12, 2013 at their KSAA finals at ASK and are currently playing for the ISAC championship in Qatar.

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