Varsity Academic Games

17 Mar

By Patrick Palar

Last Saturday, March 16, ASK’s Varsity Academic Games teams won first, second, and third places in the KSAA Varsity Academic Games competition held at ACA. After seven hours of quiz bowls, a math competition, and a spelling bee, the B team placed first, the C team placed second, and the A team placed third. It is an honor to have such a strong and competitive team this year. Usually, only two of the three teams get into the semifinals.

This coming weekend, March 20-24, ASK is hosting the ISAC Varsity Academic Games Tournament.  ASK will only be competing with two teams, but it is likely, due to having such good teams, that ASK will win ISAC as well.  The points a team acquire in the ISAC Varsity Academic Games competitions will be based on quiz bowls, a math competition, a spelling bee, an engineering competition, and a fine arts competition. It will assess not only a student’s intellect, but also the student’s creativity. Good luck to those participating in it.

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