Macbeth at ASK!

20 Mar

By Brittany Ray

This week, ASK’s new production of Macbeth premiers today, March, 20th!  These talented thespians have put in a lot of time and effort into making this play as perfect as they can. In order to get a better perspective of the play, I interviewed Maryam A-Murad, (Lady Macbeth) to see what her insight is on the cast, crew and effort put into the play.

Interview: Maryam Al-Murad

Q:  How would you describe the cast of Macbeth that you work with?

A:  We’re an interesting bunch of kids…


Q:  What has been the most difficult thing to work with during the making of this play?

A:  Time- coordination, and attempting to pull off a difficult show in a relatively short period of time.


Q:  Is there anything you would change about the play so far?

A:  Absolutely- but that’s the case with any show you’re in!


Q:  Who’s your favorite character? Why?

A:  Lady Macbeth. I might be biased because I play her, but she’s really interesting.


Q:  How do you relate to your character?

A:  I too am losing my mind.


Come on out and see for yourselves if Maryam loses her mind, and find out what happens in Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth.

Macbeth Macbeth 2

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