Awareness Week

27 Mar

By Nadia Saleh

On Sunday, the 24th, the Sustainability Committee organized and held their second high school assembly of the year. After a quick welcome and introduction from the presidents, Nadia Saleh and Mohamed Al-Fraih, Mr. Nicholson successfully conducted the band with an explosive start to the assembly, immediately grabbing the student body’s attention.

After that, students had the honor of hearing Ms. Juna Al-Awadhi speak about her work with Food Revolution Kuwait. Next, another one of Mr. Nicholson’s amazing original compositions was experienced, consisting of a few students drumming up  rhythms on reusable items, like pipes of differing sizes.

Next, the members of SusCom engaged in an amusing skit with a meaningful message: keep your country clean, an important message for any country.

Lastly, a fashion show was held, hosted by Nastaran Al-Qaddoumi. A handful of students showed off outfits made of old garments and cloth, manipulated to look new and trendy with little adjustments and add-ons to color, cut, and style. Overall, it was a successful and meaningful assembly that the student body enjoyed.

The assembly was organized to kick off Awareness Week and we have had a variety of other speakers present to small groups of students throughout the week on topics such as Environmental Awareness, Hydroponic Farming Technology, Healthy Living, Chronic Disease Prevention, Cancer Awareness and Smoking Awareness.  Throughout these sessions, an important theme has emerged: the importance of diet and exercise, and care for the environment in which we live.

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