This Week @ ASK

28 Mar

By Valentina Riquelme

This week, the ASK sustainability committee promoted awareness on different topics.

On Sunday the 24th, students sported green to represent environmental awareness day and a healthy sustainability bake sale was held at lunch. ASK was also honored to bring in Juna Al- Ahwadi , a specialized nutritionist, to talk about the dangers of the food we consume but might not realize.

Monday the 25th was hunger awareness and students were allowed to wear orange. Guest speakers Dr. Bassam Shuhaibar and Mr. Hamad came in to educate the school about environmental awareness and hydroponic farming technology.

On Tuesday the 26th students wore blue as it was diabetes awareness day. Representatives of the U.S Embassy were brought in to talk about living a healthy lifestyle.

On Wednesday the 27th students were allowed to wear yellow to bring awareness about obesity.  ASK was lucky to bring in Mr. Nadeem Al- Duaij to discuss chronic disease prevention and Dr. Iman and Feras Abushaar to talk about cancer awareness.  Sports events also took place in the courtyard to promote exercise and how important it is to stay active.

Finally, on Thursday the 28th it was smoking awareness day where the students wore brown. To advertise the dangers of smoking, Dr. Fahad Al- Ghimlas kindly came in to talk about smoking awareness.

Over all it was an amazing week, that made a difference in the students’ lives.

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