Final Exam Tips

28 May

By Isabella Sarmiento

This is the official last week of school before exams!

Students and teachers cannot believe how fast this school year went by.  Since finals are coming up, some students are stressing about studying and how to study.  There are many strategies that will help make studying sessions easier and more effective.

First of all students should start reviewing now or should have already started instead of trying to cram in a whole semester of information just a couple days before the exam.  Also ask teachers for help just in case you’re unsure about anything, because it would be terrible to study wrong information.  Something else that is extremely helpful is putting the technology away. Yes, it is difficult, but two hours of studying can turn into four because of texting, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Doing this will make an immense difference you will be more focused and your time will be managed much better.  There are also many techniques that work for all different type of people. For example: notecards, worksheets, review past tests and quizzes, and also maybe try to create your own mini quizzes.

Finals are definitely stressful times for students however; too much stress is not good. Take small breaks and try to relax. As long as you are prepared and have done your absolute best there should be nothing to worry about.

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