Welcome to 2013-2014

20 Aug

We are looking forward to the beginning of our school year and wish to welcome all of our new and returning families.

Our offices will re-open on August 25th and we will be available to assist any students with questions or concerns.

Students wishing to make adjustments to their schedules should contact Ms. Nancy Abdul Ghafoor (grades 9, 10, 11) and Ms. Hakim (grade 12) in the Counseling Office at extension 3131.  All schedule requests must go through the counselors.

New families wishing to enroll should contact Ms. Abeer Safawi in the Admissions Office at extension 1210.

Any other enquiries may be referred to the High School Office at extension 2133.

An updated listing of important dates in August and September has been added to the sidebar.

AP students should be ready to submit their summer assignments on the first day of school:  http://www.ask.edu.kw/ASK/ASKaphonors.html

Looking forward to seeing all of our lovely students again on September 2, 2013!

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