More on our In-Service Day

1 Oct

In-Service Day Teacher Interview

By Abdulmohsen Al-Qunaie

As announced on the Blog and the school Calendar, there will be no school on Thursday, October 3rd because of a teacher in-service day.  This day usually comes twice a year, and to be precise, once every semester.  Some of you may be asking, what is an service day?  Mathematics teacher Mr. Rhiger was interviewed and asked about what his interpretation of an in-service day is. He replied that this in-service day is a day for teachers to analyze the curriculum and apply how it’s aligning with the Common Core State Standards.  He also added that he likes the day because it gives teachers a chance to collaborate and work together.  When he was asked if he believes that the day is necessary he answered, “Yes, I need time to reflect.”  In conclusion, an in-service day is when teachers have time to work together on schoolwide initiatives to provide the best quality education for students.

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