College Preparation

9 Oct

Seniors have started their college search and many have already started applying to some on their college list. This is a very exciting time for everyone involved and we look forward to assisting your senior along the way.

1) First things first, the student must sign up to Naviance ( This is a portal where students can sign up for colleges visiting our ASK campus, view upcoming visits, request teacher recommendations and most importantly, send official school documents directly to universities. Students should update their list of universities continuously and see the counselor when he/she is ready to submit the supporting documents.

2) For students applying to the US, the Common Application ( is a place for students to fill out ONE application and send it to over 500 colleges in the US. If the student does not wish to apply through the Common App, they have the option of applying directly to the university’s website.

3) If applying to the UK, students have the option to apply through UCAS ( in order to send an application to multiple universities. If they will be enrolling in a foundation year, students can go through the university’s website.

4) Through Naviance, please make sure your child requests a letter of recommendation from two or three teachers. Students must verbally ask the teacher to write a recommendation first, and then send the request through Naviance.

5) To submit SAT or ACT scores, students must send their scores directly to the university through College Board (

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