Academic Games Wins KSAA

18 Mar

Our Varsity Academic Games team has made ASK proud.  Our KSAA tournament was Sunday and Monday nights and we had 3 teams representing ASK.  All told there were 18 teams in the tournament.  By the time we got to the semi-finals, all 3 ASK teams were still alive.  ASK1 played ASK2 in semi-final 1; and ASK3 played UAS1 in semi-final 2.  ASK1 beat ASK2 to advance to the finals and, unfortunately, ASK3 lost by a single point to UAS1.  But, no worries, ASK1 laid the hammer down on UAS1 in the finals by the score of 120 – 17!!!  So, out of 18 teams, ASK1 came in first place and ASK2 and ASK3 tied for third place.  They did an outstanding job.  Here were the team competitors:

ASK1:  Rasha Suleiman, Chris Pickens, Hussein Hijazi, Fadwa Ahmed

ASK2:  Hilal Rizvi, Kaleendra Malwatta, Rifat Sajid, Wael Yassawi

ASK3:  Moataz Salim, Shady Lee, Ahmed al-Shatti, Katy Habr

Go Falcons!

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