World Language Students Display Icon Projects

4 May

Over the course of the past few months, students in ASK world language courses have been busy working on a co-curricular and intrascholastic project. In involved elementary, middle and high school students of Spanish and French.

We asked students to choose icons of both Spanish, Francophone, and Latino culture. They then introduced and described the icon to the best of their ability in their target language (the one that they are currently learning), and chose a representative image to display. We have posted the projects on the bulletin boards that span the superintendent’s lobby from the cafeteria to the HS/MS library.

Over the course of this week (May 4 through 8), we will add even more projects and change the orientation of the boards to give you the chance to see more students’ work.

We hope that you enjoy viewing projects of your students. They have worked many months to get to this point. The display represents work by elementary, middle and high school students, from total beginners in foreign language, to near-native, and semi-native speakers.

 Icon Projects 009

Mahboula apt and Icon Projects 010

Mahboula apt and Icon Projects 011

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