“A Day in the Life Of” from our World Languages Students

18 Apr

why_learn_a_languageASK World Languages Week

From April 21st thru April 23, the ASK Foreign Language Department will be holding its annual Language and Culture Expo in the Auditorium.   This year’s theme is, “A Day in the Life of.”   Students of French and Spanish in each of the three schools (Elementary, Middle and High School) and across all levels and grades participated this year.  Each student chose a person from a French or Spanish speaking country, ethnic and national background, profession and age group.  The students then developed narratives of their own person’s life.  The information regarding the career and country is based on research, while the students were given the option of creating an identity for the person—all using the grammar, vocabulary and cultural information studied in class.

In addition to the exhibit, on Wednesday, April 22nd, we will have a culminating cultural celebration  from 2:30 to 4:00 pm, also in the Auditorium.  During this time there will be food, music and dance.  Some students will even present their work.  We are asking parents of language students to prepare a dish from the country of their person, or from their own home country.  Before doing so, each of the teachers will be soliciting the input of students so as to have adequate numbers of different foods for the event.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s foreign language teacher:  Susana de la Torre (torres@ask.edu.kw), Lucia Stueven (stuevenl@ask.edu.kw), Ivanna Rodriguez (rodriguezi@ask.edu.kw), Thomas Potter (potter@ask.edu.kw),

We look forward to seeing you there.  Please join on Wednesday afternoon.

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