Special Guest on College Admissions – November 24

10 Nov

Ms. Kelly Walter, Associate Vice President & Executive Director of Admissions at Boston University, will be coming November 24th to visit our campus. While visiting, Ms. Walter will make herself available as a valuable resource to the school community as a representative for the U.S. college and university admission process in general, NOT as a representative of Boston University specifically.

Kelly Walter has 34 years of professional experience in college admissions and enrollment; Ms. Walter has spent 31 years as a member of Boston University’s admissions staff and is currently the Associate Vice President & Executive Director of Admissions. Prior to that, Ms. Walter served as both Associate Director and Acting Director of Admissions at Wellesley College.

Along with meeting with students and faculty, she will be offering a session for parents who are interested in learning more about the college admissions process, the new format of the SAT test, or College Board and their resources. Please feel free to join us.

Where- Library at ASK

When- November 24 at 11 am

Hope to see you there!

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