Uniform Update

1 Dec

Dear Parents,

Over the course of the last few months I have been asked to make sure that the dress code be followed by our student body.   In order to make things clear, I have met with the Administration of the school and asked that I hold an assembly to cover the dress code and give out the quarterly awards.  Having the assembly and reviewing the dress code will create clarity and avoid confusion.

Here are some of the points that were reiterated to the students last Thursday 11/26/2016:

  • No longer is it okay to wear a university sweat shirt, unless it is a free dress day.
  • No longer is it okay to wear anything else other than  ASK Hoodie,  an ASK athletic Hoodie and a  ASK blue polo.

In short, the changes are to stop the flagrant abuse of the dress code policy, generate a sense of unity among our student body and to keep the student body looking as prestigious as its reputation.

THE ASK dress code policy is:

  1. Blue pants – Not sweat pants and no jeans.  Blue pants. 
  2. An ASK blue polo with ASK insignia. 
  3.     12thgrade students will be allowed to wear their class shirts as well as the ASK Blue Polo.
  4.     The ASK Hoodie and ASK athletic Hoodies are the only hoodies allowed that are to be worn.

I realize that this might be slightly inconvenient, but it is the task I have at hand and must enforce here at ASK.  I ask you for your cooperation and compliance in helping me create a dress code policy that works for us all.  I can’t thank you enough for your support in helping me support the proper dress code here at ASK.


Timothy Bryan Bikowski

High School Principal

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