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23 Jun

Dear Parents and Students,

Ramadan Mubarak.

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break. I want first want to thank all of you for all of your support this last year in making it such a successful school year.

As we look forward to the 2016-2017 school year, here are a few reminders to review. Please do not hesitate to contact us over the summer if you have any questions.

Supply Lists

The high school does not have a general supply list. With a wide range of electives and course offerings, it is much easier and more efficient if our students attend the first few classes to hear what their particular classes require. Students should all have blue and black pens, pencils, paper, and a few folders to start school and all students who are taking PE should have the required PE uniform. These basic supplies will get you through the first week. If you are taking a class that requires special supplies they will give you that information at the start of class.

Technology: Bring Your Own Device

Beginning in August of 2016, the ASK middle and high schools will require students to bring a laptop to school (specifications are posted to our blog here) if requested by a teacher.   Students will not need to bring the laptop everyday, but they should have access to one should their teacher require it for a given activity or unit of study.  Teachers will give instructions as to when students will need the device and for what academic purpose.

ASK Dress Code Clarifications

If you are purchasing school clothes for your children over the summer please be aware of our dress code guidelines. Please note that we have extended the range of pants that students can wear to include dark navy blue jeans that are not faded or ripped, however we will no longer permit students to wear navy polo’s purchased outside of the school.   

Dress Code (High School)

Students at ASK will wear the official ASK uniform. The uniform is available for purchase at the ASK Store. The uniform includes a standard pair of navy pants/dark blue jeans for students in all schools and a school-specific polo shirt in different colors to help identify students with ease.


A standard pair of navy trousers or dark blue jeans for boys and girls are to be worn by all students at ASK. Jeans should not be faded or ripped. Please keep in mind that leggings, and jogging pants are not acceptable uniform pants. All pants must have pockets. Pants without pockets will fall under the category of leggings.

To the knee length, navy blue skirts are also acceptable for girls if they prefer


High School students will wear the official navy blue ASK polo shirt. No other tops may be worn except the ASK polo shirts.

Thursdays: Students may wear school-sponsored club and activity shirts on Thursdays, including NESAC shirts. Students may not alter the shirts. Shirts with the neck cut will not be allowed.


In the winter months students can wear the ASK hoodie or a University hoodie. Outerwear such as vests or jackets may be worn, but must be taken off indoors (when asked) and students must be wearing proper dress code underneath.


Students in High School will wear the official ASK PE Kit which will feature a set of navy shorts and a white t-shirt. T-shirts and shorts are to be worn for PE only.


Students are not permitted to wear beach-style flip flops or slipper shoes. Students must wear running shoes in PE classes.

AP & Honors Summer Assignments  

All AP and Honors summer assignments have been given to the students. All summer assignments are due on the first day of school. If your son or daughter is not going to be in attendance on the first day of school, please make arrangements with the teacher to submit the assignment on time electronically.

Students who fail to submit their completed summer assignment on the first day of school will automatically be dropped from the course.

Preparing for 2016-2017

ASK looks forward to welcoming a new High School Assistant Principal in the 2016-2017 school year.  Ms. Jacqueline Thomas will be joining the high school administration having worked the previous 4 years in the Middle School. Ms. Thomas brings extensive experience and a familiarity with the incoming students and parents that will be invaluable to the High School.

The first day of school is August 28, 2016.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back to what promises to be another fantastic year.

On behalf of our entire faculty, we wish everyone a lovely summer holiday.

Best Regards,

Michael Murphy                                                 Jacqueline Thomas

High School Principal                                       High School Assistant Principal

American School of Kuwait                              American School of Kuwait

+965 2266-4341 ext. 2133

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