Show School Spirit

3 Oct
There are lots of sporting events and activities happening every week at ASK. We hope you feel inspired to get involved, attend, and cheer!
This week there are two varsity volleyball games taking place:
  • Varsity Girls Volleyball v. UAS Wednesday, October 5th 3:30pm – Bubble
  • Varsity Boys Volleyball v. UAS Wednesday, October 5th 4:30pm – Bubble

If you are interested in attending either of these games and showing off your school spirit, please remember to sign up with Mr. Parkinson by Tuesday.

The following teams also have games/competitions this week. If you see the players in the halls, wish them lots of luck!
  • JV Girls Volleyball: ASK v. UAS
  • JV Boys Volleyball: ASK v. UAS
  • JV Academic Games Competition
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