Ministry of Health Art Competition

5 Feb


The Ministry of Health is organizing an art competition entitled “Health Posters”.

The aim of this competition is to encourage students to raise awareness about health in society using artistic posters.

Terms and conditions of the competition:

  1. Subject Choices: Stop Smoking — Fight Against Obesity — Importance of Exercise
  2. Posters have to be original (all ideas must be your own)
  3. Poster size: 50 x 70 cm
  4. Students must show creativity using a variety of techniques, colors, and/or mediums (i.e. oil based paint, watercolor, acrylic, paper collage, etc.)
  5. The back of the poster should have the following information: name of the student, name of school, name of the teacher assisting the student, age of student, high school’s phone number, and guardian’s phone number.
  6. Posters are due by February 27, 2017 and must be submitted to the Ministry of Education (MOE) Department for Private Education in Mubarak Al Kabeer.

Please note that there will be a ceremony at the Marina Hotel on March 8th, 2017 where the posters will be assessed and the winners will be announced and awarded various prizes. Winning posters will also be published and distributed to public and private schools for display.

For more information please speak to Ms. Bush, Mr. Frels, or Ms. Thomas.

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